Kittens watching the Orchestra Concert Master practice!


Kittens watching the Orchestra Concert Master practice!

Hey guys, since its kitten season I felt I should make this post.


So yesterday, a customer and her kids brought a 2 week old kitten into Petsmart and asked one of my coworkers what they needed to care for it. My coworker immediately directed them to our in-store vet and called me, and thankfully I was across the street and able to come immediately.



  • if you are a vegan
  • great!
  • tell me and i will never serve you meat and/or try to question you about it
  • but if you ever
  • ever
  • tell me that im a killer
  • or try to make me feel bad
  • for eating meat
  • i
  • will
  • eat
  • you


Ok people, I’ve done a little looking into about this whole thing wondering “Why is MagiMagi not in English yet?” and here is why.

As We all know there was a big anniversary release of a bunch of cards with redone artwork including Red Eyes Black Dragon, Blue Eye White Dragon, Celtic Guardian, and a few others. 

Now… Dark Magician Orginally had a matching Dark Magician Girl and her artwork being that it was too risque for Konami (for reasons I will list shortly) was re used for MagiMagi and instead a cleaner more suitable artwork was used in its place. 

You see Magi’s artwork has the few common problems that have cause a lot of cards to be re drawn like the cleavage (breast size and cleavage is a common thing that in English cards has been sized down and painted over), the ank around her neck (for the same reason why Monster reborn was made to be re done), and last but not least the pentagram pendent that Dark Magician Girl always has. 

Now as to why we don’t have a release of Magi in the TCG, well that’s simply because the artist said no to the censorship. he refuses to have anything be covered up and her art being transferred to this card in the first place was something he didn’t want to begin with. So unless we get another artwork she will not come to the tcg. 

I hope you enjoy. 


Dark Magician Girl cards, along with Magi Magi Magician Gal.